Academics & Scholarship

Alpha Gamma Delta establishes a strong academic foundation for all members and encourages them to reach for their best. Our Academic Excellence Team provides members with resources and motivation to excel. They also keep members current on available scholarships, study abroad programs, tutoring assistance, job interview and resume skills training, internships and career counseling.

Academic success is celebrated in Alpha Gamma Delta—both as a group and individually. In addition to chapter-wide recognition for academic achievement, the Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation awards scholarships to more than 150 deserving sisters across the U.S. and Canada.


Xi Chapter is extremely proud to inform that it had the highest sorority chapter GPA at IWU for the semester of Fall 2020, as well as the 2 semesters prior! 

We hold scholarship as one of our most important values, which is evident from our academic records. Our international requirement as a sorority is to have an average GPA of 2.5, yet we consistently maintain an average GPA of about 3.4. Not only do we promote high academic success, but also we help members find a balance between school, clubs, sports, philanthropy, and social events. Though scholarship and academic success is very important to our chapter, we encourage members to be well-rounded and involved on campus as well.

Our chapter does everything in our power to ensure each member reaches her academic potential. Many members have formed study groups and members often tutor others who are in need of help. We have incentive programs in place for academic achievement such as Squirrel of the Month and draw for a small gift each month from a pool of Alpha Gams who received A’s on their tests/quizzes/etc.

One of our main goals as a chapter is to be our very best academically. Through encouragement, hard work and guidance, we are proud to reach this goal every semester.