Our Home

Recently, Xi Chapter of Alpha Gamma Delta has joined the Fraternity Housing Corporation. As a result, we received a complete renovation of our downstairs living areas as well as our upstairs bathrooms.

Guests are greated by a beautiful grand staircase as they enter our home. We have three front rooms overlooking our front yard that are a perfect spot for sisters to study or hang out with guests and each other.

The decor in these rooms looks very formal but don’t be fooled. We wear our pajamas around; it is an informal, relaxed atmosphere. In our music room, we have a beautiful grand piano that is perfect for sisters to practice singing or playing piano, especially our music and vocal performance majors. 

Twice a day, we eat meals prepared by our chef together in our dining room. Our dining room has more than enough tables to fit us all during meals. During these meals we can catch up with sisters we don't see throughout the day as well as sisters who live outside of the house. 

One of the very social places of our house is the kitchen. Here, we have several refrigerators and a breakfast bar. We also have a coffee maker, microwaves, and a house Keurig. The reason it is such a social part of our house is because it is famous for late night leftover sessions, along with milk, juice, bread, cereal and fruit provided to us by our house mother and our chef. 

Our rec room is the perfect spot to watch television and movies with our sisters. Some of our favorites include the Bachelor, This is Us, and fun movie nights. Overlooking the area is a picture of our home painted by a former alumna from the 1950's. 

Our rooms are very spacious with tons of floor space. Life in the Big White House may mean living with anywhere from one to six roommates, but we love it! We all have our own desks and at least one dresser for ourselves with plenty of closet space. In addition to the closets in our rooms, there’s extra closet space all over the house that we use. There is definitely much more space than we had in the dorms. We also have an attic in which we store other items. It comes in handy for those who live out of state or don’t go home frequently.

We also have numerous bathrooms scattered throughout the house. One common assumption with sorority houses is that we are always primping and getting ready, jamming up the bathrooms. This rumor is put to rest in our house; there is never a line for showers and there are enough bathrooms to go around!

We also have a study room that is always quiet. In our study room we have a library of textbooks donated by sisters,printing, and a white board. In addition, we have wireless internet access throughout the house. No matter where a woman is at in the house, she can always print and is always connected to the internet (yes, even from the backyard, front yard, or porch swing)! Located behind our study room is our laundry room. 

Another one of our favorite places to hang out is our front porch. Here we have outdoor seating including couches, chairs and tables, and a porch swing. When the weather is nice out, we will sometimes eat our meals, study, or just hang out here. We also love to hang out in our front yard. Usually we put up hammocks and lay out blankets so we can hang out and enjoy the weather. 

As great as our home is, it’s important to know that we love Alpha Gamma Delta for the women in the house. We encourage anyone who is going through recruitment to choose a house for the women they will call their sisters and not for the building they will live in.

For more information about our home, please visit http://alphagammadeltahousing.org/locations/illinois-wesleyan-university/ (Picture credits: the FHC)