Sisterhood is: loving, leading, & lasting

In Alpha Gam we value sisterhood above all. Our sisters are people we can count on and people who know who we truly are. Claire Geier of PC '19 says that "Before I became an Alpha Gam there were a handful of people I could count on to support me, to be there for me, but now I know I have a whole house full of girls I can rely on. Being a part of a sisterhood doesn't just mean having the pleasure of living with 40 other women, sharing clothes, and having common interests. While it might include all those things, being a part of a sisterhood is so much more. It is finding your people, your life long friends, and future bridesmaids. In Alpha Gam I have found women who push me to be my best, and women who inspire me everyday to push myself to be a better person."


Sister-Mother & Sister-Daughters

In order to strengthen our bonds in sisterhood as new members we are given "Sister-Mothers".  Sydney Fornnarino of PC '18 says "Becoming a sister mother is one of the greatest experiences through my time as a member of Alpha Gamma Delta. With the right pairing, your Greek family takes the meaning of sisterhood and brings it one step further. My sister-daughter, Anna, and I are a perfect match in so many aspects, yet she continues to fill the parts of my life I didn’t even know I was missing! Becoming a sister-mother means so many things. It means being someone’s #1 cheerleader, always being there for them to guide them through the challenges life throws their way, & being their go to girl they can always count on. Being a sister-mother means always making extra room on the couch at the BWH for movie nights and entirely too much popcorn & candy. It means goofy dancing and staying up too late. It means never having to worry about going on errands alone because you know they are always down for target & ice cream. Becoming a big has given me the little sister I’ve always dreamed of and I can’t wait to see where our time at Alpha Gam leads us."


Sisterhood Events 

Maria Poehls, VP Chapter Wellness and organizer or sisterhood events says "Sisterhood is one of the largest and greatest parts of Alpha Gamma Delta. Sisterhood is about building relationships with women that share common values. It is about pushing each other to be the best version of ourselves. At Illinois Wesleyan, sisterhood in Alpha Gamma Delta is about creating a community of support and love during and beyond our collegiate years. As a chapter we hold monthly sisterhood events for all members. Some of the fun events that we have hosted include our annual Galentine's Day, pumpkin carving with our Greek families, paint nights, and much more. Sisterhood is also about the little things, from baking nights in the kitchen, to piling on the couch for a movie night, to staying up all night laughing with each other.