Why Alpha Gam?

Alpha Gam provides members with valuable opportunities to develop and grow personally while meeting a group of lifelong friends. Our tagline is loving, leading, lasting—but being an Alpha Gam is so much more than that.

It’s nearly 200,000 women all over the world, in your hometown and right here on our campus.

It’s a strong foundation for academic success.

It’s service to others when they need a little extra help.

It’s a space to forge your own path.

It’s finding your role model—and becoming someone else’s mentor.

It’s generations of women who joyfully contribute to their communities and beyond.

It’s always having someone by your side—someone who knows the real you.

It’s a place to love and be loved.

It’s celebrating who you are—and finding the courage to become who you want to be.

Katie Morgan – Class of 2022

I joined Alpha Gam after being offered a bid in the late spring of my freshman year and I went out on a whim and accepted, unsure of what was to come. With that, I could not be more grateful for the gut feeling I had that pushed me to step out of my comfort zone to join the amazing women of Alpha Gamma Delta. Since I accepted my bid so late into my freshman year, I moved into the Big White House the fall of my sophomore year while only knowing a few names and faces. Moving in, I was so nervous and felt completely out of my element. A day or two after moving in, we had a pledge class talk in the living room where I expressed my nerves about this new experience. I was quickly comforted by a now good friend telling me that they were all here for me and that their doors were always open to me. While heads in the room nodded in agreement, that was the moment that all these new friendships turned into sisters. At the time, they may not have realized the weight of their words, but it was exactly what I needed to hear to feel at home and their support for me has not wavered since. The women that I now call my best friends never let me doubt that I was exactly where I belonged and that I was loved, which is exactly what Alpha Gam means to me - having a support system of strong women who will always be there for me. Ever since then, I’ve had a shoulder to cry on, a friend to laugh with, a midday coffee date, and more. Through Alpha Gam and the support of my sisters, I have learned many life lessons, achieved many goals, and given my support back. I truly could not imagine my life without them, and I am so grateful for the opportunities, friendships, and experiences that Alpha Gam has brought to me. I will hold on to all of these things for the rest of my life and cherish the women who inspire me every day.

Katie is also involved in Xi chapters Officer Board as the Director of Property. Any questions for Katie can be sent to kmorgan@iwu.edu!




Zehra Bakirdan - Class of 2023 

As college got closer and closer, the fear of finding people with similar values came to the forefront of my mind. I hoped that when I got to college I would find my best friends for life. From the beginning, I knew I wanted to get involved on campus, and I’m pretty sure I looked at the university’s student involvement page a little too much. I had no family history of Greek life involvement, but it began to interest me as I learned about the leadership opportunities and bonds that Greek life could offer. Just weeks before I was to head off to school, an AGD alumni from IWU reached out to me and told me about her time on campus. As move-in day got closer and closer, I began to hear more and more moms that were in Alpha Gamma Delta. The more connections I began to make with Alpha Gamma Delta, the more I realized that this organization is full of well-rounded women from different backgrounds, and that stood out to me.

When it was time for me to go to Illinois Wesleyan, I went in with an open mind. Everything was new, and I only knew few people. As Orientation Week began, someone told me I look like an orientation leader (Abigail Monken), and she was in AGD. Because she was an orientation leader, someone had introduced her to me as all of the orientation leaders thought it was crazy how similar we looked. Granted, we both don’t think we look alike, but when the recruitment process was in full swing, I was focused on finding my people. It was the little things throughout that week that sealed the deal for me to go home to Alpha Gamma Delta. Their presence on campus, welcoming environment, and history of well-rounded women stood out to me and allowed me to find my home at Alpha Gamma Delta.

The experiences that Alpha Gamma Delta has offered me to grow myself along with growing with others has made this the best decision. Joining Greek life allowed me to find “my people” and people whose values aligned with my own. Alpha Gamma Delta has given me a forever home with sisters that will last a lifetime.

Zehra is also involved in the chapter as Director of Special Events. Any questions for Zehra can be sent to zbakirda@iwu.edu!